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diaryland: entry for 2004-10-13 (19:20)
In which our plucky young hero thinks judges got it sweet, too.

(And now it's time for Contrarian Theatre, the regular feature in which we complain we aren't getting enough hate mail, and do something about it.)

I think our politicians are overpaid.

Not because I think they don't work hard or anything. I just want to bribe a MP into doing my dirty work for me, and this ridiculous six-figure income they make has set the bar way too high for me.

Buying politicians should not be the exclusive reserve of the tobacco lobby or the aerospace industry. Small businessmen like you and me deserve an equal chance to wave a pretty penny under the nose of a parliamentarian and lead them to our chosen goals. Do I own a fishing lodge? No, I don't. Do I have a brother who plays for the Leafs? Nope. All I have is a CD burner and a Playstation. In a fairer world, with lower-salaried MPs, I could get beneficial legislation for myself with maybe a sneak preview of the new Grand Theft Auto. But now? Now the halls of power are closed to me.

Hail to you, Paul Martin. Thank you for leaving the door open to corrupt government at least a little for the likes of me. Because if there's anything anyone who isn't a politician knows, it's that politics isn't even real work, just like teaching, coal mining, and being a CEO.

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