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diaryland: entry for 2004-07-01 (15:28)
In which our plucky young hero is tired of those whining little babies. You know, the West.

Just for the record, I love the unofficial slogan for the next election.

You know the one: "Vote Conservative, Ontario and points east! Sure, we think you're a bunch of parasitic, mouth-breathing, brain-dead pogey whores, and we'll never in a million years think of you as anything but leeches and thugs who aren't even fit to wipe our gold-plated Albertan asses, oh and also you smell like raw sewage ... but that's no reason not to vote for us."

Seriously, my god. If you're a Canadian right-winger, please, if you want to see a non-Liberal government anytime before the 22nd century you might take it on yourselves to put together an election platform that doesn't fall apart the moment someone suggests that maybe, just maybe, people who live in Toronto and Montreal and Halifax are human beings, not brainwashed socialist robots.

Do it for the country, my fellow Canadians. Not that you seem to like it that much, but hey, maybe you could do it as a make-work project while you're waiting for Washington to get back to you on that Alberta statehood petition.

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