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diaryland: entry for 2004-05-12 (02:12)
In which our plucky young hero has to PURGE THIS NOW.

We have the dexterity, expertise, and energy necessary for rhythmic movement; the only possible failure is a lack of willpower. We are also capable of abandoning those toward whom you feel an amicable social relationship and continuing onward. I justify this as follows: these acquaintances of yours, whether for lack of ability or desire, do not engage in the aforementioned rhythmic movement, and I am incapable of amicable social feelings towards those who do not so engage.

Many potential destinations are within our grasp, but I restrict our choices to the set of destinations your non-moving acquaintances will be unable to locate. Once we arrive at our agreed location, we will impersonate extraterrestials, abandoning the consensus reality of conventional epistemology and ontology while doing so. Also, we will move rhythmically.

("Rhythmic Movement Intended To Reduce The Probability Of Accidents", Male Hominids Who Wear Nothing Atop Their Heads.)

(Oh God, I hate myself.)

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