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diaryland: entry for 2003-12-11 (12:55)
In which our plucky young hero has never owned an LP.

The bands I most want lyrics from are the ones who are never on lyrics sites. When the lyrics do show up, they're always questionable. And I don't have a sharp enough ear to correct them; if I did, I wouldn't be looking at lyrics sites.

The bands I most want new CDs from are the ones who broke up two years before I discovered them. I always come late to the party. I still haven't figured out if I like Radiohead. I'll probably come to a decision in early 2005, on the day after Thom Yorke's tragic and unexpected shooting spree.

The bands I most want used CDs from are the ones who were never quite big-but-unloveable enough to have people buy the CD, then decide they didn't want to keep it, and the used record store thought it would probably move if they bought it and put it on sale.

The bands I liked when I was a kid do nothing for me now. The music that made a lot of sense booming out of the rear speakers of a '92 Nissan Sentra while driving through the back roads of a small Nova Scotian town makes no sense when I have no car and want no car and am sitting in a high-rise apartment in Canada's largest city.


The one band I followed around for all that time gave me friends I still hold dear today, and introduced me to a city that I loved so hard I had to move there, and gave me an excuse to see so much of this country.

The bands I didn't like when I was a kid, I have revisited, and some of them aren't so bad after all. I get the benefits of nostalgia without the drawbacks of painful memories.

And the bands I'm seeing this weekend kick ass.

And they're working on their new CDs. For once, I'm ahead of the curve.

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