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diaryland: entry for 2003-12-16 (15:20)
In which our plucky young hero seeks the thrill.

"Canada is boring," said the anonymous poster at the message forum. "Sure, I saw that Economist cover with the moose in sunglasses, but that doesn't change the fact that Canada is boring."

Well, that certainly explains why Toronto empties out every weekend while Buffalo swells to three times its normal population; why Vancouver, Washington has millions of residents while Vancouver, B.C. is a wide spot in the road; and why every kid in Montreal has a Burlington, VT poster on his bedroom wall and falls asleep sighing "Someday, someday..."

Like they say in Windsor, you can't spell "excitement" without "Detroit".

No longer do I wonder why Minot, North Dakota is full of INS agents always searching for illegal immigrants from Winnipeg who've hidden in the back of trucks, or why the residents of Stratford every single year wonder publicly and loudly why they can't junk this Shakespeare crap and become more like Branson, Missouri.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish reading this relocation brochure. Colorado Springs, here I come!

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