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diaryland: entry for 2001-02-20 (18:00:39)
In which our plucky young hero is home again, home again, fiddle dee.

As a first approximation, read this.

As a second approximation, consider that my personal summary of the past six days was What a fine trip to Toronto I have had and not What a fine recurring event that was.

All in all, I could have taken or left all of the Event except the actual concert. I learned that the thing that pisses me off, the thing that causes my blood to burn but not boil -- like water in a microwave -- is immobility. Anything that forces me to stand still annoys the living hell out of me. Anything that prevents me from pacing or exploring drives me mad. And while there were very few things during the Toronto trip that made pacing impossible, very many things during FruCon 4 where pacing was not only impossible but interdit.

That explains why most people who saw me saw someone who was trying, with varying degrees of success, to conceal the fact that he was a few short steps away from acting out, as you might say on a report card. During the worst of those instances, I just plain left something I wasn't really very interested in seeing anyway, and headed off to Playdium to make things crash and bleed and die.

It worked; I didn't kill anyone who didn't deserve it (and wasn't also made of rendered polygons). God bless you, Playdium. God bless you, for only 6.0 credits on your swipe card.

Ah, but it wasn't all vinegar and bile, no. I did have some fun. She was every bit as cool and funny as I'd known she would be, she was even cuter than I remembered, and I did get to meet up with Norma. I did run into several cool people whom I'd forgotten about because I am a rat bastard, but whom I'm going to send mail to today, unless I don't.

Plus, my mental map of Toronto is finally solid enough that I feel comfortable in the downtown there, I discovered some good new food and drink places (mostly drink), and I actually got some very good business done. I rule, at least on those fronts.

As for the thing that worried me, the thing I thought would be Awkward As Hell? (Oh, it's also the thing I didn't mention, in case you're wondering. But if you're not wondering, then yes, that's exactly the thing I'm talking about.) Didn't happen. A totally different Awkward As Hell thing I hadn't been expecting happened, but that's ... that's something I guess I have to live with. It's my own cooking, and now it's on my own plate, so I can either eat it or leave it.

See you in Toronto next year, I guess, but it'll be the intersection of my Toronto trip with your event if it happens. I think everyone will be happier that way.

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