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diaryland: entry for 2001-02-14 (11:54:28)
In which our plucky young hero embraces the zeitgeist.

Thanks to the magic of the Diaryland members directory, we can now declare an end to the War of Taste. Ladies, gentlemen, gender-indeterminate people of all ages, I give you the best stuff ever, as chosen by verbal exhibitionists just like you.

Books: Who needs more than Steve King, Anne Rice, and J.K. Rowling? Oh, sure, some may talk of Doug Coupland (#9, or "Douglas" as we pronounce it around here), or even Ayn Rand (#20), bless her evil blackened long-dead soul. A dose of Salinger (#4) for the assassin within you, maybe. But truly, the Trinity serves all your needs.

What the book list says about the average Diarylander: Most are 200-year-old vampires who suck the blood out of small-town Maine residents to satiate themselves while they wait for the book on tape of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Movies: American Beauty. Fight Club. The Matrix. Yea, can there be anything better to come out of North American culture? Let's face it: now that we've seen an Ikea store explode and Mena Suvari has shot rose petals at Kevin Spacey, it's all downhill from here. We might as well elect a horse to the Senate now, and cut out the middleman. (I know this is heresy to some, who would say that #19 pick Dirty Dancing was the nil plus ultra of our civilization; but of course they'd say that, they took the blue pill.)

What the movie list says about the average Diarylander: That they have very, very short memories.

Music: Radiohead, Tori Amos, Weezer. I kid (A) you not. The remainder of the list is a battleground between the mass-market and the slightly-less-mass-market, a never-ending struggle between Ani diFranco (#5) and Dave Matthews (#4) for the middlebrow aspirations of those who have not been seduced by the real Slim Shady (will #19 please stand up), Blink 182 (#13), or some or another flavor of boy band (#7, #12, #14, #15). But what of the Spice Girls? What of the Spice Girls? The Diaryland list proves what many have hoped and few have feared: their sixth member, No Longer Cool Spice, has made mincemeat of this tangled metaphor.

What the music list says about the average Diarylander: Mmmbop before the one you serve.

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