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diaryland: entry for 2003-11-12 (04:58)
In which our plucky young hero explains how to yes-and his offer.

I've created an improv ring, since I can't be the only person here who likes the cheapest and easiest and most enjoyable of all the comedy arts. If you want in, please read this.

First off, I want to know how you started improvising. Drop me email telling me about your background and training.

Second off, I want to know if you're performing regularly right now. Put that in the email that you're already composing because you read the previous paragraph.

Third, if you blew off the other two items, I'm afraid you will have to be very, very patient. I am really lazy and really busy; I'll get around to you eventually, dude, but it could be a few days, or a few weeks. Better to send the email. Better for you, better for me, and better for the world.

(Planned for this page, eventually: a list of improv resources and member biographies and a cute link graphic.)

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