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diaryland: entry for 2005-04-18 (18:40)
In which our plucky young hero harps on the idea.

Number of days since my last entry: 34.

Number of times I've had to count "January, February, March, April" on my fingers to make sure I had the month right: 3 today, cumulative total of 10 for the past seven days.

Number of minutes in my new commute, each way: 90 to 110, depending on traffic.

Number of minutes my new commute would be if I moved several subway stops north: 80 to 100, depending on traffic.

Number of minutes my new commute would be if I'd just stop being so urban-jaded and get a car already: 40 to 140, depending on traffic.

Amount of personal email I received today: 1.

Amount of mailing list traffic I received today from lists I signed up for: 4.

Amount of spam I received today: 83.

Times I winced at the use of the word "amount" instead of "number" just now: 2.

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