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diaryland: entry for 2004-12-31 (14:19)
In which our plucky young hero gotta wear shades.

New "Multiple Posters of America and Abroad" Organization To Battle Commercial Repackaging Of Online Content
Blogging (Most Valuable Form Of Intellectual Property Ever Devised) To Be Protected By Invulnerable Technological Safeguards;
"Discussion Retention Management" Will Guard Precious Ad Revenue, Often Reaching Dozens Of Dollars A Year

TORONTO, NEW YORK, AND EVERYWHERE ELSE SOMEONE HAS A BLOGSPOT ACCOUNT -- In response to the blatant theft and fraud of fraudulent thieves like Skweezer, prominent "bloggers" from around the world have banded together to form the Multiple Posters of America and Abroad, an organization dedicated to shutting down the burgeoning "blog piracy" movement.

"We of the MPAA believe that it's up to us how our intellectual property will be used," said John Elfe. Elfe is president of Societal and Other Critics of All Nonsense (SOCAN), the Canadian division of the MPAA. "It should be criminal if our prose is shown with ads around it, unless those ads are our own. If people start getting the idea that blogs -- blogs for God's sake! -- can just be downloaded and displayed however some random person wants, what next? Will entire subcultures start believing that it's legal to download music from your friends, or that it might not be so bad if you could obtain episodes of Six Feet Under from the Internet?"

"Besides," continued Elfe, "do we really want to see what sort of precedent would be set if anyone at all could take excerpts of Web pages and place them on their own sites, sometimes even adding their own commentary and advertising? Blogging as we know it would be destroyed."

The MPAA plans action on several fronts. It is already in close consultation with lawyers representing the major blogging studios, and is on the verge of releasing a tool that will allow bloggers to prevent redistribution of their content. This "discussion retention management" system is already in beta, and is expected to be completely foolproof and invulnerable to any technological attack.

In related news, the Livejournal-based Regular Icon-Posting Anonymous Annoyances (RIAA) has proposed in testimony to Congress that making a journal "friends-only" should be punishable by death.

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