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diaryland: entry for 2004-12-16 (14:43)
In which our plucky young hero lays out the perfect scheme.

The Google Suggest alphabet goes like this:

Amazon, Best Buy, CNN, dictionary, Ebay, Firefox, games, Hotmail, Ikea, jokes, Kazaa, lyrics, Mapquest, news, online dictionary, Paris Hilton, quotes, recipes, spybot, Tara Reid, UPS, Verizon, weather, Xbox, Yahoo, zip codes.

There's got to be a million dollars waiting somewhere for the first person to compile a list of the best lines from The Simple Life (with links to buy the first season on Amazon and pick up a new DVD player from Best Buy to watch it), with convenient definitions of all the difficult words.

Also there would be a special Halo 2 hack that makes all the aliens look like Tara Reid and speak only in NASDAQ quotes, and maybe some pornography.

A million dollars, people. Waiting right here for you. Trust me on this.

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