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diaryland: entry for 2004-10-27 (17:43)
In which our plucky young hero reminds you for your own good.

Paul Krugman thinks it is unwise to drink a gallon of cool, refreshing bleach every day.

Naomi Klein hates it when people jump off a tall bridge face-first onto jagged rocks.

Nothing is better at pissing off Michael Moore than leaving a bear cub alone, rather than poking at it with sharp sticks until its 800-pound mama comes and makes mincemeat of the attacker.

And finally, please, for the love of God, remember this: putting a live hand grenade in your mouth and pulling the pin makes Noam Chomsky cry.

(The editors apologise for the millions of corpses of former Fox News viewers you will shortly begin discovering in forests, laundromats, and bridge supports across America. But if we all pitch in, we can clean up the entire mess just in time for election day.)

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