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diaryland: entry for 2004-09-07 (03:19)
In which our plucky young hero should make a movie about this.

So, there was this set of so-called "artists" who decided to kill a cat. And videotape it. And claim it was an artistic statement about the hypocricy of meat-eaters.

Now there's a documentary about the "movie" they made, which contains no footage of the actual cat killing and makes clear that you must be a morally void piece of shit to even consider such a thing. This documentary, which contains no footage of the actual cat killing and makes clear it is completely wrong to kill cats, will be shown in its no-actual-cat-killing-footage, condemnation-of-cat-killing form at the Toronto International Film Festival, so audience members can see for themselves no cats killed in any archival footage as they learn in no uncertain terms that killing cats is wrong.

By the way, the documentary shows that killing cats is wrong and contains no footage of a cat being killed. Because I'm not sure I was clear about that.

I clarify this because the film's scheduling was of course the cue for eighty-seven million idiots to come out of the woodwork and demand that TIFF get rid of the movie where we watch a cat being killed and are brainwashed into thinking it is just teh kewlest thing evar.

I fear for my species.

And for cats. Real soon now, I'll learn that from a movie.

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