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diaryland: entry for 2004-08-09 (14:23)
In which our plucky young hero is a microstar.

It's official: based on the past week's output of the local blog community, this week's NOW, and my last volunteer shift at SummerWorks, I can officially peg the population of Toronto at about 400, plus several million non-speaking parts played by extras.

Of course, all of the several million non-speaking extras feel the same way about me; I'm the scenery for their life, which they live in a universe of four hundred people who all seem to know each other. It's not so much that there are four million people in the GTA as that there are ten thousand 400-person communities. I think this is what caused me to feel so alienated from the city when I first arrived -- the thought was that I'd just meet people, a great undifferentiated mass of interesting people. When it turned out that these people somehow already knew each other, had social structures that I had to figure out and slide into, it made me feel like an outsider.

Just because, you know, I'd dropped myself into a completely new city without knowing more than five people there. Just for that I'm an outsider.

But now I feel like I'm working my way in. I feel like my life is slowly turning into what I want it to be. And soon, my little community will have four hundred and one people in it.

Another fifteen to go, and I get the cheap pun.

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