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diaryland: entry for 2004-06-16 (02:35)
In which our plucky young hero remembers when we called it "GeoCities".

I have read quite a few Grand Unified Theories Of How Blogging Is Transforming The Media Landscape.

But I still haven't come across one that has the predictive power to explain either the most recently updated Diaryland sites or latest LiveJournal posts.

I believe in the transformative power of online discourse. I believe in the purity of words flowing over a network, and have for years and years.

But mostly, I believe in the power of people around the world to talk about their cats and their stupid teachers and whether NME is right about the new Franz Ferdinand CD.

I believe that the bits that really make a difference are the ones that make it easier for people to talk about cute things their cats did and the people in biology class they're crushing on. They are, to switch metaphors, the cake. Everything else -- the political movements and the "fact"-"checking" and the blah and the blong and the rinka-dinka-doo, is entirely optional icing. It's really good icing, and it's thicker in some places than others, but really, it's icing, and no amount of licking the bowl will change it into cake.

Blogs save lives. But mostly, they share cats. And it never hurts to remember that.

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