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diaryland: entry for 2004-05-20 (12:26)
In which our plucky young hero didn't add: MACADAMIA.

It was somewhere around Dundas and Spadina.

"Oh. Serve," said the brunette.

"Serve?" asked the redhead.

"On that sign. Serve. It's a funny word. Like, we're coming up on the street where Christine lives and she and I have a game. Every day we come up with a word and we have to repeat it to ourselves until we've totally understood how fucked up it is. Like serve. Or Alvin."


"Fork's another good one. But serve is our favorite. Serve serve serve."

"Chicken! Chicken. Chicken chicken."

"Hee, chicken. People's names too. Like Alvin. But Todd's our favorite. Todd is kinda fucked up, if you think about it."

"Todd. Alvin. Oh my god you're right. You know what's another one? Coincidence."

"Oh, yes! It so is!"


"But the best one is still serve."

(At this point, the Merf Herder self-induced a coughing fit, because nobody wants to be glared at on the streetcar.)

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