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diaryland: entry for 2004-05-15 (11:44)
In which our plucky young hero taps his ear. Huh?

"So, are you enjoying yourself?" she asked last Thursday night.

I feigned a smile. "Yeah." (This is what normal people do. This is what entertainment looks like. You can partake of this. Nobody has decreed you are not allowed to enjoy yourself.) "It's a nice place."

"Did you notice [unintelligible] girl [unintelligible, possibly including the phrase "checking you out"]?"

"What? Uh. No?" (What the hell did she just say? Is someone interested in me? Is she just telling me there are girls in the club? Wait, maybe I didn't even hear the whole thing properly -- does anything rhyme with "girl"? Stop it. This is entertainment. This is what normal people do. You're allowed.)

"[unintelligible]," she added.

It's a good thing there's a Merf Herder in my life, because otherwise, those [unintelligible]s would have paralyzed me with self-doubt all weekend long. What did I miss? What might have been? What the hell did she say?

(Admittedly, I was still paralyzed with self-doubt. For a few minutes. But I'm working on it.)

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