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diaryland: entry for 2004-05-06 (13:01)
In which our plucky young hero talks about the goddamn buses more yes more.

When I was living out west, most of the bus routes ran every half hour. A few ran every fifteen minutes. Except, of course, on weekends. You can't expect comprehensive, frequent, every-half-hour service on a weekend. Such foolhardy expenditure would bankrupt the entire system.

And, of course, the last bus ran at 10:30pm. Who could possibly need mass transit any later than that?

I try to remember all this when I'm sitting and seething at Broadview station at 1:30 in the morning, annoyed that I've been waiting six whole minutes and there still isn't a train. I try to remember that I used to plan my activities around transit schedules (miss one bus and you're stuck for a half hour) instead of transit routes (miss one streetcar and there'll be another in a few minutes). It's better here.

(On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't complain if I could get a monthly transit pass for $54.00, now that there's somewhere to go.)

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