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diaryland: entry for 2004-04-15 (14:27)
In which our plucky young hero hates having to tell you.

Why do I have a Pep Cats shirt and you don't? The answer is as simple as it is devastating: I am a better person than you are, and I deserve it more.

(The above also applies to a box of raisin bran, a Greatest Hits edition copy of Grand Theft Auto III, and a Canadian Opera Company promotional magazine that may not have had my name on the address label but their heart was in the right place.)

Ran into Mark at Catch23 on Monday. He's one of the first people I met in the city; while I was apartment hunting the first time around, I headed down to the Second City to see what was going on and ended up having this conversation.

Four point six million people in the GTA and I keep running into the same two dozen of 'em everywhere. There's some sort of bad MFA program story lurking in there. It probably has a metaphor involving a scribbler thrown onto the track bed of the subway.

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