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diaryland: entry for 2004-03-09 (20:18)
In which our plucky young hero shares his song journal.

June 2: What a disappointment! Woke up in presidential suite of Bangkok Hilton this morning. I have now spent one night in Bangkok, but the world is not (yet) my oyster. Perhaps ask concierge for oyster-harvesting advice?

July 14: Note to self: sue tailor. Many girls were not crazy about me, even after so-called "expert"'s assurances I was, indeed, "sharp dressed".

August 2: Perhaps 867 exchange is now in new area code. I'm pretty sure we had an area code split. Will 411 have this information?

September 20: Fey-looking Pet Shop Boy does not in fact have the brains. Also, I lack the upper body strength required to really be considered "brawny". Was he just trying to scam me?

October 5: The 401 really is a highway to hell! Thanks, music! You finally came through for me!

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