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diaryland: entry for 2004-02-15 (02:19)
In which our plucky young hero writes the civics text.

Just for the record, I am shocked and appalled that Alexa McDonough and Stephen Harper have criticized the government for having spent $1 million to bring Triumph the Ed The Sock Maybe-Ripoff to Toronto. These traitorous turncoat politicians don't understand the job of the opposition in a parliamentary system. Here, in bullet points so simple even a New Democrat (audible sneering noise) can understand them, are these duties:

The duties of the opposition most certainly do not include:

(All of the above, of course, applies ten times as much when it involves the government paying a million dollars so that a hand puppet can tell people, in not quite so many words, "I'm such an ignorant little dipshit I actually think Quebec and France are the same country.")

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