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diaryland: entry for 2004-02-11 (16:38)
In which our plucky young hero isn't asking (whining) for much.

A peevish week of things breaking and people not talking with me. Which leads to me not fixing things and deciding to not talk to people until my mood improves. Which leads to another peevish week of brokenness and lack of communication. The Windows XP partition on my computer is hosed to the point where I think I actually can't repair it, and may have to reformat and reinstall. Several other things have also decided to break, but I don't want to give specifics.

What a great time to have to go to improv class. I just can't get my head around trying to be funny right now, let alone truthful or honest. (Be More Boring, remember.)

Can something please work for me right now, is all I ask.

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