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diaryland: entry for 2004-01-13 (16:11)
In which our plucky young hero lists AGAIN, dammit.

Things I am doing lately:

1. I'm finally getting around to Infinite Jest, the eight-pound David Foster Wallace book that so far seems to be about tennis and marijuana, but I'm only a few dozen pages in and I'm sure that eighteen other themes will hit me in the head. Also, because I am a geek of the first order, I am keeping a wiki about the book where I track my notes and annotations. If you ask nicely and I know who you are maybe you will get to see it.

2. New improv class series + trying to book in performance time. Another eight weeks of learn-the-funny starts tomorrow afternoon, just in time for the next damn cold snap. I am a master of scheduling. This class is the "performance-level" class, which I could have gone through several months ago if I'd started at the Bad Dog instead of at the Second City. Soon I will get to go up on the Bad Dog stage again for the first time.

3. Pajamas. It's cold out and all, so I want some damn pajamas. I keep looking at pajama pants at my various not-cool-enough-for-AE clothing haunts (the Bay, Sears, Eddie Bauer). Also, pajamas are the first step toward decadence, and I've always wanted to walk down that road.

(Prime entertainment as always, I know.)

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