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diaryland: entry for 2004-01-07 (15:57)
In which our plucky young hero offers three vignettes.

Three things about Toronto that just make me smile inside, no matter how often they happen:

* When you're on the subway? And you're more specifically on the Bloor-Danforth Line, the one that goes crosstown along Bloor Street and the Danforth? You're going east and you've just left Castle Frank station and it's a typical subway ride but then you leave the tunnels and enter the bridge that runs under the Bloor Viaduct. Underneath you is the Don Valley Parkway, eight lanes in each direction of traffic. And you get to look down on those people and you say: suckers.

* You're standing at the corner of Spadina and College, looking south. And you think of geography, and in your mind the yellow-and-grey Mapquest of your head tells you that east of you is Maple Leaf Gardens (rest in peace) and west of you is Little Italy and south, right in front of your eyes, is the CN Tower, and yeah yeah we've all heard the phallic symbol jokes but you look at it over the roofs of the buildings and you say: mine.

* You're standing outside the El Mocambo, waiting for a show to begin, and you realize that this is where the Rolling Stones played and this is where Elvis Costello played and sure probably the band you're seeing will never be that big huge amount of famous but maybe just maybe they will and twenty years from now you'll see a live album and you'll say: I was there for that.

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