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diaryland: entry for 2003-12-07 (10:47)
In which our plucky young hero isn't interested in something you didn't do.

A fun game to play at parties in Canada, especially parties where a bunch of X'er Canadians are drinking heavily:

1. Say "So, the Tragically Hip, huh." You will be rewarded with sounds of general approval. If you're not, then this may not be the fun party you thought it'd be.

2. Pick up a copy of Fully Completely and look at the back. "Hey, there's twelve songs on this album. I hear that each song is about a different province." (This should be enough to kickstart things, but if not, you have my permission to gnostically add, "I mean, Wheat Kings is obviously Saskatchewan.")

3. Sit back, watch fireworks, occasionally add "Hey, wasn't Hugh McLennan from Nova Scotia?" when things run dry.

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