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diaryland: entry for 2003-11-23 (11:11)
In which our plucky young hero gives it five stars.

There's nothing so calming, when you're in the grip of a massive attack of insomnia (hi, I still haven't slept yet, and I don't know why), like going through your iTunes (or reasonable facsimile) collection, which is full of hundreds of songs you haven't even heard yet because you wrote a short little script to suck down new random music every single night for you.

There's this one song that I initially thought sucked but now has grown on me, called "Danger Rock Science" by Menthol. The first half-minute of it is basically this very depeche'd guy going Danger! Rock science! In the wrong hands! over and over. I don't know exactly what he means by this, but I'm hoping with all my heart that this guy once really got fucked over in a relationship with a cute geology student from Stanford who turned into a (wait for it) stone-hearted (I'm sorry) bitch from hell.

And. There's Gene Defcon. There's Gene Defcon.

I quote: Let's go to the party okay we're gonna party now let's go to the party okay we're gonna party now let's go to the party okay we're gonna party now.

If you don't see that this is the greatest song in the history of music, you just aren't allowed to be my friend anymore.

(I reserve the right to later crawl to you on hands and knees, begging forgiveness. But I won't have to. Even if I would do anything for my little party baby.)

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