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diaryland: entry for 2003-11-18 (02:42)
In which our plucky young hero prefers digital cable.

You think you've seen the stupidest public service announcment of all time, but you're wrong. Because you haven't seen the one I saw, just now.

A kid in a convenience store gets collared by the store owner. He's got a candy bar in his pocket. "What are you doing, you stupid kid? You stole that! I'm calling the police!" yells the convenience store owner.

Later, the kid's father picks him up at the police station. As he escorts the little klepto to the car, he asks "What's wrong with you? Don't you realize stealing is wrong?"

The kid looks up and says "But, Dad... you steal satellite signals." And the father looks away, chastened, put in his place by the fact that he is no better than his shoplifting, delinquent offspring. Just another happy little message from Canada's satellite providers, who can't have your kneecaps broken, but don't think they aren't lobbying for it.

But, Dad... you steal satellite signals.

Words fail me.

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