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diaryland: entry for 2003-11-04 (18:05)
In which our plucky young hero doesn't want to get plucked.

To illustrate why law enforcement should maintain political neutrality, I will now amend (like so, in italics) a headline from today's Star:

Police clear cop-favorite candidate John Tory's team
Police will file no charges on cash-for-quitting allegation against their man in the mayoral race
'This sideshow is now over,' says second-place candidate endorsed by Toronto Police Association

Yes, I know that it was the York Region police, not Toronto's, who were running the investigation. Yes, I know that John Tory actually seems like a nice enough guy (though the fact that he considered Mike Harris, Mel Lastman, and Brian Mulroney to all be good ideas makes me question his judgement). But let's face it: the cops are supposed to be neutral in this city, and they aren't. His integrity is questionable under these circumstances; even if it wasn't the Toronto fox that said the henhouse was secure, it's still one of the fox's cousins. Tory has to work harder to overcome these obstacles.

But then, maybe not. I hear that in other equally unbiased issue-settling, CUPE's ombudsman has just issued a report that David Miller is not going to be in the pocket of the public-service unions, and the Toronto Port Authority has just reminded everyone that if we don't build a bridge to the island airport, the Angel of Death will descend and slay all the first-born males.

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