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diaryland: entry for 2003-09-17 (16:09)
In which our plucky young hero couldn't concentrate like that.

Last night after improv class, I finally encountered my first Toronto crazy homeless person. While the drinking group (weeknight drinking yay) crossed the street to go to the Duke of Argyle, we caught sight of a man kneeling in front of the glass door of a print shop. He was carrying on an intense conversation with the door.

"Uh... wait. Who's he talking to?" James asked, and in what is probably the most culturally insensitive moment of my career, I replied "Dude, that way's Mecca." (Political operatives of the future, that is your money quote for the negative ads against me.)

I thought nothing more of this guy until, around midnight, he approached us at our patio table. He didn't mean to bother us or anything, but he only needed seven dollars so he could get a shelter bed for the night, and if we didn't mind, after all, he's not bothering. One of the staff explained that he does this every night, hitting up people for spare change.

(Sadly I didn't have a hamburger, so I was unable to help him out.)

Later, after the drinking was (mostly) done, I was walking up Queen Street and saw the same guy again, again engaged in a conversation with nothing in particular about the injustices the world was inflicting upon him. Until he found a glass door.

Which he knelt in front of, not even breaking his conversational rhythm one bit.

When I saw that, I actually admired him a little. If he's schizophrenic (and it seems likely), then he might be hallucinating, hearing voices in his head and feeling compelled to answer them back. And it must have taken a lot of effort to ignore the shouting in his ears long enough to try to beg for change at a bar.

If I see him next week, he's getting a dollar.

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