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diaryland: entry for 2003-09-16 (17:05)
In which our plucky young hero traded it for these magic beans!

Sirilyan: Oh my God, Torontonians are gullible.

Sirilyan: I just got one of those auto-dialer calls from the local police division explaining a pair of scams that are making the rounds today, and one of them is just. Is just. I can only quote.

Sirilyan: A man approaches strangers and asks for money for gasoline, so he can avoid being towed. He is very convincing and promises that he will be back at six o'clock to pay back the borrowed money. Of course, he never returns.

smartypantsmimi: well, DUH.


smartypantsmimi: of course, chicago police would never even notify you of something like that.

Sirilyan: People are FALLING for this.

Sirilyan: How has this city not been sold to the gypsies?

smartypantsmimi: you could call the police here with that and they would just laugh at you.

smartypantsmimi: chicago cops would be like, "heh. dumbass."

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