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diaryland: entry for 2003-07-12 (11:32)
In which our plucky young hero sets goals.

My wish list for the next year:

1. A second date. (I'm having enough trouble getting first dates, to be honest; but at least I've had them. It's number two that I haven't been able to manage since arriving in Toronto. Do I have food stuck in my teeth? You can tell me.)

2. Get to be the one who says "Hey, this is really cool, and you should come out to it", instead of the one who says "Sure, I'll be there." (Way too big a chunk of my activities this month involved going out to things that I was told to go see, rather than things I found on my own. Some of these were really cool, but ... others. Others were not. And let us leave it at that.)

3. Finally convince myself that there isn't a cardboard shortage in the world, so it's okay to throw out the boxes piled up in the corner. They can be replaced. (Some people have packrat tendencies. I have packingrat tendencies; I don't normally care that much about stuff, but if something could conceivably be used as a container, I would sooner cut off my leg than throw it out.)

4. Stop making lists.

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