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diaryland: entry for 2003-06-26 (13:09)
In which our plucky young hero must must must shower NOW and AGAIN and AGAIN.

Today .. Mainly sunny at first. Increasing cloudiness with showers and thunderstorms developing late this afternoon. Risk of a heavy thunderstorm. Hot hazy and humid. Wind becoming southwest 30 km/h with afternoon gusts to 50. High 34. Maximum UV index 8.6 or high.

The worst part is your hair. It hangs flat on your head, feeling stringy and warm and wet, all the wrong kinds of wet as it curls at the ends and clumps together in all the wrong places.

No, wait, the worst part is the low-grade sheen of sweat that gathers all over your skin, making you glimmer like the sick surface of a pond that's choked over with algae. Your back (of course you aren't wearing a shirt right now) doesn't stick to the chair, it actually slides against it, like snake foreplay. It is the most disgusting thing you have ever felt.

Hold on, check that, the worst part is that at the same time your skin is shiny and your hair is clumpy, you look outside and see, from your high-rise window, the city through a gray ozone haze. It's like being in the bar about ten minutes after last call, just long enough for some of the smoke to clear but short enough that it still hangs around to turn the world dingy and smelly and make you wish that you had some other job, any other job, besides being a janitor in a college bar. Yeah. That's the worst part. That the world actually is as grimy as you feel, and you can feel it in your lungs.

An index value in the 50 to 99 range (poor category), may have some short-term adverse effects on the human or animal populations, or may cause significant damage to vegetation and property.

Right now? 65.

But. At least. It's not winter anymore.

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