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diaryland: entry for 2003-06-11 (07:02)
In which our plucky young hero burns the midnight oil like a bed or something.

You know you've really pulled an all-nighter when you've even outlasted the infomercials, and you're watching the Cantonese edition of the morning news, and even though you don't speak a single word of the language, you know, it sort of makes sense to you. Of course it does help that the sidebar graphics are in English, so that you can actually read WHO decides to not reissue TO travel advisory while the anchor talks about it.

People in those SARS masks look like mutant ducks. If Will Self had written a book called Great Ducks, this is absolutely what the characters in that book would look like.

(Okay, where the hell did that come from?)

Coming up in 15: the news in Mandarin. Insert orange joke here.

I have lots of frequent flyer miles and a burning desire to use them. Where do you think I should go? Canada and the continental U.S. are all open to me, but I am cheap and would prefer to sleep on someone's couch. Advise me, world.

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