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diaryland: entry for 2003-05-27 (18:30)
In which our plucky young hero didn't even get to the mortgage deduction.

I just saw a campaign ad where our current premier, Ernie Eves, talked about how precious every school day of a child's life is. We owe it to our children to reelect the Tories, because they will push legislation making it illegal for teachers to go on strike or work-to-rule. This will help the children. Please, think of the children.

I hope there's also a clause in that legislation making it a criminal offense to be a punkass, cynical teacher who only shows up to go through the motions without actually giving a damn if a single one of the little monsters learns fact one. It should also be punishable by a fine to act like you're a bitter victim of a ridiculously tight-assed and moronic provincial government that expects that feeding teachers shit every working day of their life will produce happier teachers or better results. Jail time for sending off resumes to New York private schools where you can get much higher pay and an agreeable work environment would probably also be a good plan.

At which point, the Tories declare that the public school system -- that bastion of embittered, burnt-out old souls whose love of teaching has long ago been extinguished -- is no longer worth funding. They shut the whole system down and let everyone who actually want their kids to get an education ship the little monsters off to private schools. Why, they'll even generously throw in a voucher system that will mean an extra week in Monte Carlo for the wealthy, and that the poor need only get three extra jobs to cover the cost of private tuition.

Yeah, I think I'm heading down to the Liberal party HQ tomorrow to volunteer.

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