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diaryland: entry for 2003-04-23 (14:27)
In which our plucky young hero hopes he doesn't get turned away next month.

During this, Toronto's season of SARS, our city and provincial governments have been working extra hard to present a picture of a city that works, where everything is business as usual and there's nothing to worry about. Top on their list of activities has been... well...

...has been a lack of activity.

The provincial parliament has been in recess since last December, and there seem to be no plans to hold a session anytime soon. I mean, there's no crisis here. Everything is under control. City council has been out practicing its golf swing, lest some pesky editorialist get the idea that there was panic about something maybe being wrong in Toronto.

And today, all these efforts finally produced some results. Now the whole world knows about all the leadership Ernie Eves and Mel Lastman have displayed in the past few weeks. Now we have tangible evidence that whistling past the graveyard isn't just a saying, it's a strategy.

There's an election coming soon. I'm definitely going to remember how well City Hall and Queen's Park represented us to the world in this, the season of SARS. I hope you will too.

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