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diaryland: entry for 2003-04-17 (16:58)
In which our plucky young hero codes along the avenue.

My half of a work-related conversation today, which proves that I really, really need therapy:

1. "One sec. I need to upload the new version. Let me get back to my desk."

2. "Dude. I'm pacing. This is why I haven't tried to move to Chicago. I would get so fired, for all the pacing I would do. I only don't pace when I'm sitting and typing. Maybe I'll get a shoulder-strap keyboard."

3. "Yeah. Like, remember the key-tar? That all the New Wave bands had? I'll have one of those, except it'll be a standard 101-key keyboard instead of a four-octave piano. Wireless is ubiquitous now, it can easily be done. And! And I'll get a headband! And a pink pastel shirt! It'll be so rock and roll."

4. "Look out, 'cause A Flock of Seagulls are coming back, and this time, they're database administrators!"

(And what I thought of just now while typing this: 5. "Not to say that they weren't DBAs the first time around, of course. Because it was so obvious they were.")

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