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diaryland: entry for 2003-04-01 (13:08)
In which our plucky young hero actually had that puzzle as a kid.

Every other Toronto-based Diaryland user I know is complaining about how it snowed yesterday and today, and I feel I should be no exception.

Didn't the weather gods get the memo about the seasons? Didn't they see the jigsaw puzzle where the upper-left corner, the one with the two kids sledding and the snowman and the dog jumping around in a snowbank, the one that clearly said "WINTER December January February"? (There was also a station wagon with skis strapped to the roof.)

April is not December January February! It just is not! Stop being so stupid, weather gods! This is SPRING March April May! It is followed by SUMMER June July August. Got it? Got it?

Do I need to draw you a diagram do you a jigsaw puzzle?

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