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diaryland: entry for 2003-03-28 (12:20)
In which our plucky young hero goes point, point, point.

Things I have done, or thought, recently:

1. For some reason, I have been intensely craving McFood recently. I cannot walk past one of those damned franchies without thinking long and hard about going in and eating a cheeseburger or three. When I worked at my old job, I used to eat lunch there every day - two cheeseburgers, fries, and a pop. "I know it's unhealthy," I actually said once. "That's not the point. I'm going there for mass, not nutrition." Yeah, the mass part definitely ended up working out great. Eventually I switched to ham sandwiches at a sandwich stop just down the street, and got no skinner but much happier.

2. The National Post is definitely Canada's best newspaper for people who are deeply, horribly ashamed of being Canadian, but don't have the balls to admit it and try to emigrate to the U.S. NaPo readers sicken me with their self-loathing. I would be honestly surprised if your average Post reader could name five things they actually like about their own country. Forget right-wing talk of the "self-loathing Jew" (read: anyone who does not support the Likudniks), the self-loathing Canadian is where it's at.

3. This is my 400th entry. I have a strange sense of time (maybe a result of some form of brain damage): everything I do, either I feel like it's just started, or I've been doing it forever. I remember very few instances of actually starting any of my current activities for the first time. I have people I've known for years who I love dearly but if you ask me when I actually met them, I would probably say something like "Uh, fourth grade, no, wait, high school, no, I think I was in university at, er, last June?" So here's to the online journal, which I have been faithfully maintaining for, oh, sixteen or seventeen years now.

4. I'm off to the gym. Been slacking off the past few days, between a low-grade cold and a lack of ambition. The former is gone and now only the latter keeps me here. Exercise, here I come... and though I'm still not lifting any buses or pulling trains with my teeth, but I'll keep you updated.

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