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diaryland: entry for 2003-03-26 (17:57)
In which our plucky young hero takes a bullet for the home team.

Helpful hint for fellow war opponents, #214 in a series:

If you ever plan to argue something along the lines of "So, if you love the war so much, why didn't you join the army?", be sure to have a list of the names of all the homeless people you invited to sleep on your couch in the past year, so they have a roof over their head while they look for a job and a place of their own.

And if you don't have that list, well, maybe you should stop making stupid arguments about how wrong it is to depend on other people to do the heavy lifting for you. Why should we care about your demands that other people get shot and killed in a foreign country to soothe your offended morals? You're the guy who can't even be bothered to give your spare key to a person in need!

There are better arguments against this unjust war than "If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?" At least, I'm hoping there are. Because if that's the best that we can come up with, then maybe I'm on the wrong side after all.

And besides, the Onion already did it better than you ever will. Move on, man, move on.

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