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diaryland: entry for 2003-03-20 (17:38)
In which our plucky young hero remembers, even if some do not.

"Two U.S. pilots should not be court-martialled for their involvement in an accidental bombing last April that killed four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, a military officer recommended today. He said their case should be heard in a non-judicial or administrative forum which could result in as little as a letter of reprimand."

Meanwhile, in Washington, senior administration officials try to figure out why Canadians are reacting with less than enthusiastic (nay, orgasmic) glee to the current president and his policies.

They are puzzled, their brows furrowed and their lips pursed as they try to work through the possibilities. Eventually, they reach a hypothesis: it's just jealousy. Petty anti-Americanism, fueled by an acidic ingratitude for all that the United States has done for its northern cousins. Yeah, that has to be it.

Then they go back to trying to find a scatological nickname that rhymes with "Chirac".

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