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diaryland: entry for 2003-03-15 (12:18)
In which our plucky young hero should start wearing a suit, then.

You know, I'm really tired of still thinking in terms of "when I grow up". I'm tired of not being sure if I've actually made it into adulthood, or I've just pressed pause on maturity and settled into a permanent life of being a university sophomore. I'm tired of being sophomoric. (How's that for a transition?) I'm tired of thinking that what I do for a living is a stopgap measure until my real job, which will probably involve a cubicle and office policies against non-photographic, non-family decorations and in favor of wearing a tie every day. I'm tired of not knowing how to knot up a tie. I'm tired of the voice in the back of my head that thinks I'm still in tenth grade and makes me act accordingly. I'm tired of all these things, and more.

I want to say "I'm an adult now" just once. And mean it.

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