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diaryland: entry for 2003-03-03 (20:03)
In which our plucky young hero says the words that you can't say.

You know, the words "bizarre love triangle" never actually appear in Bizarre Love Triangle. In fact, the lyrics themselves don't seem to have much connection to any sort of love geometry. No love triangle or parallelogram or trapezoid. Not even a goddamn nonagon.

I think we should do this with more songs. The songwriters of our great nation need to be pressed, at gunpoint if necessary, into giving evocative non sequitur titles to all of their fine, fine products. In fact, we should retitle old songs to give them irrelevant titles. ["You gotta fight! for your right! to paaaaaaaarrrrrr-ty!" "Dude! I love this song! What's it called?" "Weekend In New England."] I think this would probably also bring peace to the Middle East.

So. My question is this. (I'm interactive! tonight, kids!) Everyone knows Bizarre Love Triangle even if they don't know the title of it. And everyone has a mental title for it, what they call the song to themselves or maybe to the bored record store clerk when they try to find out what greatest-hits CD they want to buy. So, mail me or note me and tell me what your mental title is for Bizarre Love Triangle. We will compile the votes, and the winner will be the real title of the song, in the same way that New York City is the real state capital of New York, and Thomas Edison invented everything.

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