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diaryland: entry for 2003-01-20 (21:06)
In which our plucky young hero is glad to have moved, part 2894 in a series.

From a letter to the hometown paper of the place I lived for oh so long:

Meanwhile, who can stomach another decade of Liberal rule -- for they're certain to again win the next election? That party has the immigrant and female vote sewn up, to say nothing of the West-marginalizing Ontario and Quebec vote.

(Emphasis almost certainly unnecessary, but too fun to not add.)

The sad thing is, he probably does think that the West is marginalized solely because Ontario voters just don't like Alberta. It's those female Ontario immigrants who, minds pumped full of anti-western bilge by the bootlicking Toronto media, go to the voting and just blindly pick anyone at all with a (Lib) by their name, all zombie-like. (How this translates to the current provincial government I'm not sure.)

It's funny how it's always someone else's fault when western separatists don't like democracy, isn't it? Ha ha ha.

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