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diaryland: entry for 2003-01-13 (00:33)
In which our plucky young hero spits on realpolitik.

The good part: I want to go to the no-war-in-Iraq rally scheduled for next weekend, where dozens hundreds thousands of people will gather in Nathan Philips Square with signs and slogans to try to stop George W. Bush from taking his revenge on Saddam Hussein.

The bad part: I want to carry a BOMB NORTH KOREA INSTEAD sign.

I mean, "we" are going after rogue nations with weapons of mass destruction, right? North Korea qualifies on both counts, plus its leadership is happy to sell any weapon it can manufacture to anyone who can pay for it, plus its human rights record makes Saddam Hussein look practically benevolent, plus their nuclear program is actually known to exist.

But that'd be, you know, a hard war. So Iraq it is, and maybe I'll show up at the rally anyway, and show up sincerely.

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