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diaryland: entry for 2002-12-09 (12:12)
In which our plucky young hero issues a much-needed update.

Yes, Marn, I'm still alive over here. Been busy, though. Busy busy busy.

By the end of my first month in Toronto, I found that I had a routine already laid out, more or less, for half of my week:

Sunday: Free student shows at the Second City, because when I am the one up there, don't I want someone to show up and support me?

Tuesday: Second City improv classes, so that I can learn to be in the moment, and get ideas on my feet. In a surprising burst of immodesty, I'll add that I don't need to learn how to be funny. I already know I'm funny, thank you, and I have the bank statements to prove it. But funny when you have a half hour to think about it and funny when your partner is throwing you offers on a stage in front of a paying audience are two different things.

Wednesday: Go see the professionals, and become part of the aforementioned paying audience. These guys are a hoot and a half. Maybe even a hoot and three quarters.

And, well, that's it for weekly habits. I'm still working on getting weekend habits going. All offers of addictive drugs are cheerfully accepted.

I love Toronto. I really do. Transit systems that work (even if every news source in the city promises that I've arrived just in time for the complete breakdown of public transit in the city). A supermarket on the ground floor of my building, so I have no excuse for not food shopping. Walking past the CN Tower on my way to improv classes and thinking "man, I live here". Pulse 24. And the music. Oh man, the music. Dude, you should have been there. (You know who you are, and you know what you missed.)

There are annoyances, sure. The pizza in this city sucks. I sometimes get tired of the way that everyone seems to have to plan their lives two or three weeks in advance. The things that are cheaper are a little bit cheaper but everything else is a lot more expensive. And today, they're doing plumbing repairs in my building so there won't be any running water until 5pm. But if these are the most annoying things confronting me here, I'm still coming out pretty far ahead on the deal.

I'm still alive. For the moment, I'm still the plucky young hero. Both of these may change at a moment's notice, but you know, right now they're good enough.

Hi, Toronto. Good to be part of you.

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