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diaryland: entry for 2002-10-08 (23:59)
In which our plucky young hero killed the president of Paraguay.

Damn damn damn.

Not only am I going to Vancouver this weekend, but I just learned that there are not one but two splendid concerts which have inconveniently scheduled themselves on nights that I will be free.

First, there's 54-40. Fifty-four goddamn forty! If I'm going to go rock out to the Northern Pikes, then I owe it to myself to go see 54-40, right?

And second. The Violent Femmes.

A band that I don't even like. I would be going just on the strength of "Blister In The Sun". And not even on the strength of the song, oh no, that would make sense. I'd be going on the strength of the song being part of the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack.

That. That's just sad, kids.

Not that I'll care, once I'm in the audience. And hey, how often do you get to see a marquee act like that for a (relative) bargain price?

I'll go. To both of them. It'll do me good.

(On such sound logic do bankruptcy lawyers make their living.)

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