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diaryland: entry for 2002-09-20 (01:56)
In which our plucky young hero heard a voice inside him say...

I'm confused, kids.

Rock'n'roll is the province of the young, right?

And as you get old, you grow mellow and lose your edge, right?

So... so how come the Northern Pikes, all of whom are past their salad days, and one of whom has a kid in junior high, rock ten goddamn times as much as both of the 20-something hipster bands I saw at the Horseshoe in Toronto, put together?

Drink up and drown, drink up and drown,
this poison always brings me 'round
I need cigarettes, I need cigarettes,
I need nicotine for full effect
Here! In! Teenland!

I mean, I don't want to upset the balance of the universe or anything, here. I just want to know why I spent both sets at the Horseshoe nodding my head and thinking oh, this is vaguely agreeable, but tonight at the Odeon hopping around like a madman, singing madly?

So paint a picture of things that are real
remember shame when it's time to kneel
and don't forget the things that you say
could all come back to you some other day

Not only that, but I got to talk with (though not dance with, for lack of trying) yet another cute girl. And there were four-dollar drinks, which after the Toronto money vacuum was a welcome, welcome thing. (Four dollars! You get change back from a five! I'd forgotten what change even looked like!)

Damn you, city. You're supposed to be reminding me why I'm trying to move. There is no room in you for good music and cheap drinks and cute girls.

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