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diaryland: entry for 2002-06-22 (18:03)
In which our plucky young hero isn't so isolated, really.

The longer I live, the more I realize that Fight Club was wrong in its rightness.

We are more similar than different. Even the most isolated among us shares so much with the world at large that, at some level, we are practically indistinguishable. We all feel lonely and misunderstood and unique. We all are wrong.

Whatever pain we have, we're not the first to have it. Whatever joy we feel, we're not the first to experience it. We're all just same enough to be different, just different enough to be common.

"I'm so alone" is wrong. Say "I haven't met the people who make me feel less alone yet." Because you will, you will. (For those who need every thought through pop culture, keep in mind a recent Onion headline: Area 15-Year-Old Is Only Homosexual In Whole Wide World.)

You are not a perfect and unique snowflake. You're much better than that; you're a snowflake that is part of a massive snowfall. And in the end, you and the rest of the world... you're all close enough, if you look with wide enough eyes.

My eyes feel wide open now. But they can always be wider.

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