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diaryland: entry for 2002-06-07 (22:57)
In which our plucky young hero is part of an unselect many.

The continuing devaluation of a platinum credit card amuses me to no end. There was a time that the phrase "platinum card" meant you were exactly the kind of wealthy bastard who not only could buy a car with a piece of plastic, but did so. Regularly. Those days, I regret to inform you, are long gone.

Today's junk mail included a plain brown envelope with a platinum card pre-approved application in it. A plain brown envelope, I repeat. This was a totally impersonal offer, without even the cursory personalization of a "Dear Mr. CHURCH OF SPRINGFIELD".

There was a time when the requirements for a platinum card were a good credit history, a high annual income and home ownership. Now, the requirements are as follows:

  1. A pulse*

Titanium card, anyone?


* Requirement may be waived if neighbors haven't noticed the smell coming from your apartment yet.

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