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diaryland: entry for 2002-06-02 (13:09)
In which our plucky young hero opens his ears.

It feels like the city just decided to shift directly from winter to summer without any intervening spring. One day it's below freezing; the next it's twenty degrees. Summer, to me, always means sun and wide-open windows. And wide-open windows always mean city noises.

Birds are nesting in the trees around the corner, and their chirping carries all the way to my ears. Sometimes when I'm walking I actually see them at ground level. Some of them are the little brown citybirds which I can't properly identify; once or twice a summer, I see a robin or a blue jay.

Around the corner, traffic hither and yon as people enter and leave Idylwyld Drive. I live near one of the city's major traffic arteries; there's at least some traffic pretty much any time of day. There are a few small parts of the city where you don't actually need a car to live, but even there it wouldn't hurt none, neither.

Somewhere in the distance, an ambulance is going somewhere. Then its sound fades, until it is gone. Not bound for the nearby hospital, then.

And later, when the clouds burst, there'll be the patter of rain on the roof, bringing some water back to us to make up for the lawn care of tens of thousands of subdivision souls.

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